Fast Time 


Slow Time


'Time' is Something Strange

It never seems to go fast when you need it to, or to go slow when you need that.

Slow Time

        Where is that Tram?        Nature Runs its Course        One of those Days

For example:

When you have nothing to do, or when youíre waiting for the bus/tram or somebody.
Or youíre sitting in a classroom and the teacher is giving a boring lesson.
People then think that time is really going slowly.

The secret behind this is that when youíre concentrating on the time,
Youíll think that time is moving too slowly for you.

But when youíre doing something like playing, talking, or training you think that time is moving too fast for you.

 But time is always the same. You are different.

Another example: 

Liverpool is playing Arsenal.  Itís 1-0 for Liverpool.  The players of Arsenal and their fans think that time is moving too fast, because they're losing and running out of time to catch up.

But Liverpool thinks that time is moving too slow for them. They
want the match to finish as quick as possible because itís just 1-0 for them.

Fast Time

AHHHHHHH        Older=Faster?

  Stop nhrrr hhrrr nhhhh!!!!
Beavis is waiting for the light to change.
Time is moving too slowly for him.
He's really ticked off!





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